Youth Weekend May 2-4, 2014 at Western Washington University in Bellingham. 2013 YWW Group

11 Dec 2013: The next Youth Weekend will be May 2-4, 2014 in Bellingham, Wash. Like us on Facebook! A basic schedule is up and stay tuned for the announcement of the teachers and musicians.

22 Jan 2014: Welcome to 2014 everybody! We now have live music for both the Ceilidh and Ball!(with programs still undecided, but soon to be!) Also we have search far and wide for teachers and they are answering our call to adventure and will soon be announced!

14 Feb 2014: Early Bird Registration is now open! These discounts will end March 15, so get your deals while they are still hot! Registration will be open until April 15.

13 Mar 214: Early Bird Registration has been extended to April 1st! We are almost done with the Ceilidh setlist and will be getting the crib sheets to you soon.

13 Mar 214: The Ceilidh Setlist is up! Also Registration for hotels will be availiable until April 15. Classes and ball registration will continue until April 25.